Our history

In 1990 begins the Asociación Colombiana Para el Estudio del Dolor – ACED as a chapter of the International Association for the study of Pain – IASP. In 1992 , became stablished as a Association. This arises from the interest of binding together to all the professionals of the country in order to coordinate in all aspects of pain, under the regulations of the International Association.

At Present, most of the medical specialties and almost all branches of health are formed in a interdisciplinary way in this community, with common objectives tending to expand the knowledge of pain on the national level.

The ACED is the point of reference when in Colombia there is talk of pain, either at the technical level, normative and conceptual. Either in an official or private fields. His leadership project even at the international level. Since its foundation has been a key component of the Latin American Federation of Associations for the Study of Pain - Fedelat. Their projects have transcended to apply in the countries of the area.

The Association has its headquarters in an exclusive sector of Bogota. From there spread out its work and strategies such as the National Survey of pain, the achievement of consensus, the National Network of pain, the campaign "Hospitals without pain" and the constitutional goal, making, not pain a fundamental right, position it in a privileged place in the context of the Colombian labor union.

His relationship with international organizatons such as the International Narcotics Control Board, Pan American Health Organization, United Nations, among others, allow the elaboration of projects that benefit the entire community.

With that said we add the reason of being of any scientific society, as is the continuing education. The Organization of congresses of international character, regional courses, satellites, and the support of all scientific event about pain, functional integration with most scientific societies and protect the interests of its partners.


Patricia Acosta P.

Executive director


Asociación Colombiana

Para el estudio del Dolor

We are a non-profit trade association, essentially scientific, which gathers together the professionals of the health area who investigate and treat pain in the country, hand in hand with the industry and all those people interested in this professional activity.


Its philosophy is to group all those health professionals interested in the study and treatment of pain, along the lineaments of the IASP, to contribute with the expansion of knowledge in the relief of human suffering in Colombia.


To Consolidate as one of the main multidisciplinary organizations, at national and international level that investigates and treats pain.



To Promote and encourage research and continuing medical education among its members

To Support and provide advice to found new pain clinics and its certification as a pain-free organization.